fleur gtr

The charm had an improvement to the basic one thanks to the messages of the guides of my colleague Christine Ange. I am very grateful to him for sharing this with me.

For this charm you will need:

Pick yellow, orange flowers and 3 green ivy leaves preferably in the morning at the first rays of the sun in order to attract abundance to you. While picking the flowers, visualize the abundance coming to you.
1 green banknote,
1 horseshoe painted in gold.

Place your bouquet in a vase.
Place three gold-colored candles around the bouquet and lay the banknote and iron underneath.
Clear your mind and see the abundance come to you. You must be open to receive because you deserve it. Also be grateful for all you have!

Abundance is not just about money. Indeed this ritual takes into account abundance for work, health, relationships, money...


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